October 19, 2016
Contact: Roberto C. Torres

Democrats Decry Campaign Cash From Donald Trump Donors Flowing To Support Ricardo Flores

Trump Backers Give Thousands to PAC Propping Up Flores

SAN DIEGO – Local Democratic leaders expressed outrage today after publicly filed campaign reports revealed that a shady political action committee supporting City Council candidate Ricardo Flores is being funded by some of Donald Trump’s most prominent San Diego backers.

Fred Rogers, Central Committee Member for the San Diego Democratic Party said: “This is why the Democratic Party rejected Ricardo Flores. I was shocked when the Chamber of Commerce, SDG&E and other downtown interests poured over $100k into Flores’ campaign. Now, with the Trump donations, I’m appalled. We need leaders who unite in opposing Trump, not jump in bed with Trump to win an election.”

Trump’s funders have so far contributed $15,000 to the campaign for Flores. The money is being used to fund attack mailers against Democratic Party endorsed community organizer Georgette Gomez. In an apparent attempt to hide their involvement from public view, the contributions have been funneled into a shady political action committee, Public Safety Advocates, based in Encinitas. The Trump donors supporting Flores include Republican mega-donors Tom Sudberry and Lance Waite as well several additional Republican developers.

Craig Roberts, San Diego Regional Director for the California Democratic Party said: “After all of Trump’s attacks on immigrants and Latinos, it’s unfortunate that Ricardo Flores is receiving support from Trump’s funders.  I insist that Flores not only condemn Trump and his local supporters but also demand this money be sent back.”

When asked earlier in the campaign about taking support from Republican politicians and special interests, Flores was unabashed in welcoming right wing Republican funding, saying, ‘at the end of the day our goal was to get as much support for our election.’

Flores has stayed silent on the Trump money flowing to support his campaign, so it was not immediately clear whether Flores would welcome Trump support as he has all other Republican backing he’s received.

Click here to see contributions to "Public Safety Advocates".