About Georgette


Georgette Gomez is an effective neighborhood leader who’s gotten things done for us.

The daughter of working class immigrants, Georgette learned at an early age the importance of giving back to the community and helping those less fortunate.  After attending Serra High and graduating from SDSU, Georgette dedicated her career and volunteer time to making our community a better place to live and raise a family.

Georgette is an elected member of the City Heights Community Planning Group.  As a neighborhood leader, Georgette:

  • Brought the Farmer’s Market to our community
  • Took on WalMart for demolishing a historic San Diego landmark
  • Fought for our fair share of funding for street repair, safer streets, and parks. 

Georgette is the Associate Director of the Environmental Health Coalition where she advocates for children’s health and our environment.  At EHC, Georgette has:

  • Led the fight against neighborhood polluters harming nearby residents. 
  • Advocated for stricter laws on lead paint that threatens our kids.  
  • Expanded affordable housing for seniors and low income families.

Georgette has been recognized for her dedication to our communities with the following awards:

  • FEAT Award – Sierra Club, 2013
  • Voice of the Year – Voice of San Diego, 2013
  • Visionary Award – Cesar Chavez Commemorative Committee, 2014
  • Baker’s Dozen: People Who Made San Diego A Better Place – San Diego Free Press, 2014

Georgette and her partner Xochitl own their home in the Azalea Park community of City Heights where they’ve lived for the last decade with their two dogs, Canela and Frijolito.